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Within the last ten (10) years, have you been the subject of any disciplinary or corrective action by an appraisal organization, state licensing board or other regulatory body of a governmental entity as a result of your appraisal activities?
Have you been notified of any investigation or review open at this time by any appraisal organization, state licensing board or other regulatory body of a governmental entity?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony, or arrested, indicted, or charged with felonious misconduct? If yes, please provide a written narrative of events.
In the last ten (10) years, have any lawsuits or claims (including notice of a potential claim) been made or filed against you? This includes lawsuits or claims, regardless if they were tendered to an insurance company for coverage.
Are you aware of any circumstances that may lead to the filing of a lawsuit or claim against you?
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To your knowledge are you or any Appraiser associated with the firm included on any government agency, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or Lender Exclusionary List?
Have you had any disciplinary actions against you or your company from a state or federal licensing board as it relates to your appraisal license(s) or appraisals performed?
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